HR and Payroll Services for Small Business in Lowell, MA

Lowell, Massachusetts has had its ups and downs when it comes to the economy, but the city has been on a steep climb in recent years. With the area’s sudden boom in technology and service industries, small businesses are finding their place in the crowd. Managed HR and payroll services will set you apart from your competition. Here is what they offer.  

Payroll Processing Made Easy

While payroll may seem fairly straightforward, just one mistake can jeopardize your entire business. The IRS is particularly interested in the payroll processes of small businesses because they easily fall victim to complicated payroll and tax laws. Instead of trying to wade through the information alone, rely on the latest technology.  

A web-based payroll processing system is ideal for avoiding legal and financial ruin. Online payroll solutions not only allow you to do simple tasks like add and change employee data, they also calculate employee tax and withholding information.

An advanced system like Commonwealth Payroll & HR’s iSolved can file and pay taxes on your behalf, record quarterly and year-end payroll tax returns, and process your direct deposits. Self-service options allow your employees to add and change their own information, always ensuring that your company’s data is current and correct.

Managed Payroll Services That Work

Did you know that you technically don’t have to worry about payroll at all? That’s right! No more calculations, no reading through Massachusetts wage laws, and no worrying about how to work a full-time payroll specialist into your budget. The only thing you need is a computer (or phone or fax machine).

With managed payroll services, you simply send over your employees’ payroll information to an expert – and the rest is taken care of. A dedicated representative does the data entry, processing, and payroll transactions all on your behalf. The unique benefit to this situation is that it’s not just anybody processing the information – it’s a payroll professional who can answer all your questions and guarantee accuracy and legal compliance.

HR Resources That Build Your Business

Outsourcing HR is one of the smartest things any company can do, especially in Lowell, MA. With the current competition in the job-seeking market, there is no room for error when it comes to protecting your current employees or finding the right person to join your team in the future.

HR and payroll companies have all the tools necessary to keep track of day-to-day employee information like time off requests, OSHA incidents, and employee job tracking. But managed HR services can take your small business to the next level. Consider options like dedicated HR pros, customized job descriptions and employee handbooks, and personalized action plans and audit reviews. HR practices that are unique to your company will give you an edge on the competition.

HR and payroll services are key to helping your small business thrive. With accuracy, reliability, and convenience, there is no better way to guarantee your success. The growth in Lowell, Massachusetts is expected to continue. Partner with the best payroll service or HR company to ensure that you stay part of Lowell’s bright future. Call Commonwealth Payroll and HR today toll-free at 877-245-1159. We can’t wait to share what we can do for you.