iSolved Timeforce

iSolved Timeforce offers more versatility with employee policymaking and group application, labor allocation and integrated employee scheduling.  Using Timeforce, you can track your employees’ time by job or department, while ensuring they are properly paid for variable overtime and doubletime situations, holiday pay, and meal and break enforcement.  After supervisor approval, payroll is completed quickly and efficiently.

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iSolved TimeForce Product Demonstration Video:  An overview of the time & attendance features of iSolved



iSolved TimeForce Scheduling: An overview of the time scheduling features of iSolved   iSolved TimeForce allows you to easily collect, manage and process your time and attendance data – all with the same easy-to-navigate interface as iSolved HCM.

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iSolved TimeForce Job Tracking Video:  An overview of the job tracking features of iSolved


TimeForce enables you to proficiently and successfully manage your employee time tracking, scheduling and even job tracking if desired. It replaces any manual time tracking procedures such as paper timesheets or disparate systems that have difficult integrations with your payroll and HR systems. The elegant connection from TimeForce to iSolved HCM keeps everything in one place, ensuring it’s easy to use, access and control.

And, adding iSolved TimeForce to your HCM solution helps you improve your bottom line! You can eliminate buddy punching, clerical errors, scheduling problems, and more.

iSolved Timeforce Features:

  • unlimited employees, pay policies, and shifts
  • simplified tracking of all accruals, such as sick and vacation time
  • error checking system to evaluate time
  • punches against shift and pay policies
  • automatic time entries for approved absences
  • multiple overtime categories
  • time rounding based on settings you create
  • shift differentials
  • meal and break time reporting
  • handles flex time and split shifts
  • holiday management
  • unlimited user-defined schedules
  • administrator security defines and restricts access
  • optional employee self-service
  • optional Job Costing module
  • automatic email notifications to supervisors including time card errors, time off requests and verification
  • flexible and unlimited pay codes – assign any type of hours (overtime, holiday, etc.) to any time throughout the week

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