Managed Payroll Services for Small Businesses in Boston, MA

Small businesses are thriving in Boston, Massachusetts – and while the city provides an easy-going and historic backdrop for entrepreneurs to grow, very few companies can get away from the basics of modern business. One example of these essentials is payroll processing. Whether your company has 2 employees or 200, your staff is there to make money. Here is how companies like Commonwealth Payroll & HR are making the process easy.    

Data Entry Accuracy

The most essential job of a payroll specialist is inputting employee information. This requires more than entering a few numbers. It takes a keen eye to make sure your workforce is getting compensated for every minute on the clock.

There are many factors that come into play when logging an employee’s time, including regular and overtime hours, holiday or sick pay, and shift differentials. The situation becomes even more complex when you add in withholdings and payroll taxes, too. Just one mistake could have a major impact on someone’s financial well-being.

One of the easiest ways to avoid error is by using managed payroll services to work with a certified payroll specialist. Professionals in these roles wade through the numbers to make sure everyone’s time is in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Massachusetts, for example, has many detailed wage laws and violation of these can cost a company hundreds or thousands of dollars. A simple mistake in data entry could open your company to investigation and possibly fines.

Payroll Processing Services

Payroll companies for small business take away the hassle of collecting and managing employee wage information. The amount of money your employees take home from their paycheck will vastly differ from their gross wages depending on income taxes, deductions (like social security), and additional withholdings like retirement plan contributions and health insurance premiums.

Calculating these factors into each individual employee’s net pay requires attention and knowledge. In fact, without payroll processing services, it is easy to make mistakes such as withholding incorrect tax amounts or confusing pre-tax or post-tax earnings and deductions.

Unfortunately, this is just the start when it comes to errors in the world of payroll processing. Many small businesses fall victim to processing payroll late, overlooking payroll duties entirely, classifying workers incorrectly (W-2 employee vs. contractor), ignoring bank holidays, and much more. The detailed knowledge of a certified payroll professional is essential to getting the right information and protecting your business.

Online Payroll Software Management

Cloud-based systems like Commonwealth Payroll & HR’s iSolved provide simple and up-to-date access to every employee’s payroll information. Online payroll software allows any authorized user to access an employee’s files, input information, and make changes without waiting around for an administrative professional who is dealing with other essential tasks.

When you work with payroll professionals, the process is even easier. They can use the online system on behalf of your company, acting as your business’s personal payroll manager. You will not have to spend time learning new software, training your staff, or troubleshooting technology issues. Simply call, fax, or email your employee payroll information and let managed payroll services take care of the processing and data management for you from start to finish.

Managed payroll services take the headaches out of data entry, payroll processing, and working with online payroll software. Not only will this ensure your company is safe from costly errors (for both the business and your employees); it will also give you more time to focus on what really matters—your customers.

If you own a business in the Boston, Massachusetts area, call Commonwealth Payroll and HR toll-free at 877-245-1159 today. Our experts are waiting to play a role in your success.