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Payroll Processing Solutions

iSolved is our web-based payroll processing system.  With it you can enter new employees, change employee information, enter payroll information, and process your payroll with ease. You can also provide your employees access to a self-service component so they can view their records or payroll or change information such as updated license documents or benefits elections as well.   And of course our payroll processing service takes care of the tax payments and filings, direct deposits, reporting and more.

Commonwealth’s Payroll

This option is often the best fit for companies with a payroll manager who, with proper training and ongoing support as needed, would feel comfortable using a web-based system for payroll processing. It includes:

  • iSolved, our web-based payroll processing system
  • Calculation of paychecks
  • Processing and printing of paychecks and direct deposits
  • Calculating and withholding of employer and employee taxes
  • Web-based report access and custom report writer specific to payroll, the tracking of hours and payroll taxes
  • Filing and payment of taxes to the tax authorities
  • Filing of all quarterly and year-end payroll tax returns
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Garnishment/Third Party Reporting & Payment