5 Ways Employee Management Services Can Transform Your HR

September 3, 2018

It’s often said, but it’s true: a business is made up of people, and where you have people, you have – well, not problems exactly, but challenges. The more your business grows, the more challenges will present themselves. When it comes to Human Resources, you have less control, less knowledge, and more liability.

The time and effort spent on administrative tasks is time that you aren’t building your company. Administrative tasks may not directly add to your bottom line, but they need to be handled or you won’t be in business very long. When you’re building a business, it can be easy to overlook human resources planning, but when you do, it ultimately slows your company’s growth, resulting in wasted money and unhappy employees. However, when you partner with an Employee Management Services company, you gain access to experienced HR professionals, freeing yourself and your business partners from this burden. You also provide better support for your employees and strengthen your company.

Five Ways Employee Management Services Can Transform Your HR

  1. Government Compliance

Laws and employment practices seem to change on a moment’s notice, but it’s the employer’s responsibility to follow the law, regardless of how busy they are. When it comes to government compliance, an Employee Management Service can save your company a lot of money and headaches. Additionally, working with an Employee Management Services company can help you limit your own liability.

An Employee Management Service can audit your HR and payroll practices, making sure that you are in compliance with all applicable laws, whether or not the laws are new. They can help you find new and better ways to handle your administrative processes to ensure that they are as inexpensive and painless as possible. In some instances, they can also step in and spearhead changes that need to be made regarding paperwork and company regulations, freeing your team to grow the business.

  1. Streamline Administration

An Employee Management Services company can handle most aspects of HR for your business, especially payroll and benefits. When you partner with an Employee Management Service, you have someone looking out for your associates who has the ability and experience to anticipate problems that can come up in a normal payroll period. When it comes to less-than-usual situations such as bonus time or open enrollment, having an Employee Management Services company in your corner can help you complete extra work quickly, efficiently, and without drama.

HR is quite often a mystery to employees. It’s very different from the rest of the business and seems to operate in its own world. Employees will turn to each other when they need questions answered, questions like “When is open enrollment?” or “How will the upcoming holiday affect our paychecks?” An Employee Management Service can provide a single point of contact, providing necessary answers to everyday questions. This means that your employees can act on correct information, stopping the rumor mill and keeping your managers focused on their primary business priorities.

  1. Better Benefits

Benefits are like any other aspect of business: the more experience you have, the better deal you can negotiate. Health insurance was complicated before the ACA – and the whole industry isn’t getting any easier. When you partner with an Employee Management Services company, you get the advantage of their experience and industry contacts to ensure a better deal for your employees. Employee benefit management isn’t simple and it isn’t simply making sure your employees are covered in an emergency. An Employee Management Services partner can help you navigate tax liabilities and discounts. When you cut benefit costs without cutting benefits, everyone wins.

  1. Training Supervisors and Managers

There are certain duties that will always need to be carried out by your managers, tasks like annual reviews, interviews, and employee discipline. These are normal situations that come up frequently, but they are often a source of stress for your management team. An Employee Management Services company can provide HR strategy and support through these times, working with your managers to devise the best way to address these situations, resulting in solutions that benefit everybody.

  1. Happy employees are productive employees

Studies have shown that when the back office, administrative side of a business is running well, the employees are happier and more productive. By partnering with an Employee Management Services company, you can make sure that your employees are well cared for, leaving them, and you, better able to meet the needs of your business.

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