HR & Benefits (HRB)

HR & Benefits (HRB)

Includes Core & EWT features

  • Payroll Processing with Tax Pay & File
  • Employee Self Service with Mobile
  • Employee Messaging with Forms, Acknowledgements
  • Employee Time and Attendance Management
  • Absence Tracking and Requests
  • New Employee Onboarding
  • HR Tools
  • Benefit Admin Tools
  • Online Benefit Enrollment
Payroll processing on a Weekly, Biweekly, Semi-monthly, or Monthly basis
Annual, Quarterly and Monthly employment taxes paid and filed on your company’s behalf
Coaching and support from dedicated Customer Service & Support Specialist
End of quarter deposit and payment reconciliation with Quarterly Returns
Direct Deposit and TotalCheck Services available with a passing DD Suitability Review
Basic Employee Self-Service Accounts
Employment Category and Status Tracking
Annual W2 and 1099 forms produced and filed
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Mandated Sick Time tracked and paid (where applicable)
Mandated Paid Family Leave compliance and filing (where applicable)
On Demand, Date Range and Custom Report Writer
Payroll reporting available instantly and in preview mode
Labor Law Poster update service
Robust Employee Self-Service Accounts
New Employee Onboarding using a web browser
Jobs and Job Descriptions
Basic HRIS (Certifications, Disciplinary Actions, Employee Contacts, Salary History)
Organizational Hierarchy Management
Time off requests and approval, team calendaring with Outlook and Google Sync
Employee timecard and timesheet
Imputed income tracking
Employee Document Center
HR Support Center/HR On-Demand
Employee Messaging with document acknowledgement, E-signatures, and form upload
Mass Email Utility
Supervisor “My Dashboard”
Benefit Administration Tools
Employee Benefit Tracking tied to employee deductions and history
Benefit Updates with Plan Summary and Detail Info
Online Benefit Enrollment
Executive Dashboard
Employee Compensation Statements
Additional HRIS info like Assets, Training, Skills and Education
Online Performance Reviews
ACA Eligibility and Headcount Management
ACA Reporting and Tracking
Benefit Evaluation Utility and Reconciliation Tools
CPHR’s HR & Benefits service gives an employer full HR functionality which includes unique tools around benefit management. This ensures the interaction with employees about their development and benefits is as effective as it can be.

Commonwealth’s HR & Benefits package adds benefit administrative functionality and vital organizational workflow to the existing components of our Core and Emerging with Time services.  From an employee’s perspective, online benefit enrollment is real time, which can be driven by annual open enrollment rules or based on employee life events.  Within the employee account, they have access to all their benefit details and important decision support tools, which can be updated at any time.  Both the employee and their supervisor can initiate changes to their own or their direct reports’ HR information, and those changes flow through the HR infrastructure for approval by the HR team.

Additional HRIS information becomes available such as Training, Education, Skills, and Assets along with robust performance review tools delivered via self-service.  Leadership can review trends and demographics within their headcount with isolved’s dynamic Executive Dashboard.

For the benefit team and their brokers, there is a feature-rich benefit evaluation utility and reconciliation tool for plan participant eligibility and management.  Enrollment reporting and exports communicate employee information to all the stakeholders.  Employee Compensation Statements can be produced quickly and provided to employees at any time.