Why Commonwealth?

Every Client Matters

You may not be a payroll expert, but you can hire one!

Frustration should not be a main ingredient of payroll.  You can, and should, expect better.  With Commonwealth, you’ll have a relationship experience with a frustration-free promise. When you call our office, we’ll know your name, your situation, and probably even your dog’s name.

Working together we’ll implement a fully customized solution for your business.  You’ll get what you need in a format that is comfortable to you.

We Know Payroll

You have a lot of options when it comes to payroll providers.  Choose one that knows where payroll has been and where it’s going.  Choose Commonwealth and our decades of payroll experience.

Any time you implement a system, it needs to be congruent with your current business practices and behaviors.  Our solutions are intuitive and will provide you with solutions to issues you didn’t know could be better.  We’ll help you stay organized, meet any regulatory requirement, and easily manage payroll in minutes.

Your Tech Comfort Zone

We use technology to help solve problems, not avoid our clients!

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who ask the tech questions and those who answer them.  Chances are you have employees in both groups.  That’s why we have solutions that will satisfy the tech comfort zone of both groups.

We won’t ask you or your employees to use a technology feature just because we have it to offer.  With our system, there are many ways to accomplish the same goal.