Employee Experience

In today’s employment environment that crosses four generations, it is critical that employees have access to their data, and decisions, at any time and in any way they want.

Employee Access – Anytime, Anywhere!

These days, it’s imperative for employers to provide their employees with ways to be self-sufficient at any hour of the day, and on any device.

With Commonwealth’s isolved Adaptive Employee Experience, you can deliver a streamlined experience for your workforce with a personalized and modern user interface. Whether they are on iOS, Android or desktop, you’ll find a consistent and engaging interface that responds to your employee’s needs in the office, at home, and on the go.

It’s About The Employees!

Futureproof your business with a comprehensive, worker-focused platform that covers all areas that your employee may need to engage. Employees and managers get instant access to the tools they need, from HR to payroll, talent and performance to time tracking. It’s all built into one seamless technology. The modern user interface empowers your employees to control their information from anywhere, on any device.

With isolved’s Adaptive Employee Experience…

Employees can:
• Access Payroll Information • Make Benefit Enrollment Changes
• View Schedules • Punch In/Out
• Request Time Off • Update Personal Information
Managers/Supervisors can:
• Onboard New Employees • Approve PTO, Time Cards & More

Adaptive Employee Experience: Overview

Employee Experience: Demo

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