Ben-Align Q&A

Why would I need the Ben-Align program with my clients?

In today’s environment, companies like Zenefits are offering free HCM components to their clients in exchange for becoming the Broker of Record.  In addition, national payroll companies like Paychex and ADP have realized that new earnings growth can come from going direct to your clients via their payroll relationship in an attempt to obtain the Broker of Record.

Commonwealth is not interested in providing benefits, but only using their benefit tools with your clients.

With Ben-Align, do I have to get into the payroll business?

Of course not.  In fact we ask that you introduce us to your clients after only gathering a minimal amount of key data and we are not asking for you to sell our services. Rather, we are only asking for introductions to your clients.

How do I introduce you to a client under the Ben-Align program?

Simply determine their “Vitals” and make an introduction in order to schedule a 15 minute “Ben-Align” review.  This review will allow us to determine their status quo, their needs and what solutions Commonwealth may provide that will help them.

Can I have access to some of my client’s data?

Yes, we recognize that one of your biggest obstacles can be chasing your client for their data.  With their permission, we will set you up with access to our Broker’s Workbench (see sidebar).

What are some of the other benefits of the Ben-Align program?

In 2015 we have appeared at Ben-Align broker Seminars on topics such as mandated Sick Pay, ACA Employer Mandate, ACA Year End reporting, and otherwise appearing as a resource expert to you and your firm.  This is a critical part of the Ben-Align program and how we interface with your clients.