Can Employee Time Tracking Create a More Engaged Workforce?

December 12, 2018

As an employer, you’ve probably come to realize that the old adage is true: time is money. In the same way that you’d never want to waste your company’s finances, company time is also a resource that should be spent responsibly.

While your HR professionals have likely explored plenty of avenues in an effort to increase the efficiency of your business, employee time tracking may be the vital practice missing from your human resources strategies.

Can employee time tracking create a more engaged workforce? Here is everything you need to know.

Clear Expectations

Communication is key. This couldn’t be more true than when it comes to how your employees manage their time during the workday.

One of the biggest reasons that employees waste time is because they lack clear designation for how their time should be spent. While some employees may lose valuable work hours because they are unaware of the best way to use their time, other employees may take advantage of vague expectations by wasting time.

By incorporating time tracking into the daily operations of your business, you set the precedent that there will be clear communication between employees and employers about how time will be spent.

An employee cannot be fully invested in their work if they do not have a clear vision for how time should be allocated. Clear expectations for employee time usage is the first step on the road to an engaged and efficient workforce.


Knowing what to do with your time is one thing, but actually doing it is another. By using employee time tracking software like iSolved, employers have a central location to review the actual ways in which their employees are spending their time.

Employee time tracking helps to develop a mutual awareness between employees and employers that all staff will be held accountable for their work. It is this accountability that encourages employees to be more engaged with their work.

Employees who believe that their work goes unnoticed or unmonitored are more likely to be disengaged with each task and to waste valuable company time.

With time tracking software like iSolved, employers can monitor the specific details of how employees spend their time. When each employee must account for their time in detail, they are encouraged not just to complete their work, but to complete it with excellence.

Usable Data

iSolved’s efficient time tracking software creates a central location for employers to view and evaluate how their employees are managing their time.

By assessing the ways in which employees use daily work hours, employers can best advise employees in how to go about their day.

iSolved helps employers gather data related to which employees have been managing their time well and should be encouraged to keep up their great work.

This data can also help employers discern specific advice for their employees’ improvement. Rather than giving a low-performing employee vague criticism, an employer can use the data provided by iSolved to offer that employee specific ways in which they can improve, placing the control back in the hands of the employee.

Employee management is about much more than accomplishing daily operations. For as much as you rely on your employees to keep your business running, it is vital that they remain engaged and complete high-caliber work. One of the most efficient ways to encourage this engagement is through time tracking with a trusted employee management software like iSolved.

For more information on how time tracking can set your small business above the rest, contact the HR experts at Commonwealth Payroll & HR today at (978) 599-1500.

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