HR Software: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Make Your Choice

October 2, 2018

In today’s world, human resources software is a key component of any successful business. This tool allows a company, regardless of size, to streamline day-to-day processes like benefits management, payroll processing, onboarding tasks, and timekeeping logs. When looking through different types of HR software, it might be a challenge to tell a difference between the options available, but making the wrong choice can have a major impact on your business.

Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself before settling on a product.

  1. What Does My Company Need?

Every HR software program is different. Before you start to compare the possibilities, take some time to think about what exactly it is your company needs. This will ensure you easily rule out any options that do not meet your basic requirements and it will prevent you from spending money on features that won’t get used.

While every business will have different “must haves” on their list, there are typical aspects to consider. For example, the maximum number of users the software can support, the level of detail when it comes to employee or applicant tracking systems, and the types of benefits administration options. Time off and attendance records, payroll processing, scheduling, and self-service features are often essential too.

When thinking about what is important to your workforce, remember to keep in mind how tech-savvy your employees are. This will help you avoid options that require excessive training, as well as those that are so complex your staff will avoid them at all costs.

  1. What Can It Do Long-term?

Think of human resources software programs as major investments. A long-term HR software solution should be able to adapt to your company’s specific policies and procedures as they evolve, as well as meet the needs of your workforce as it grows over time.  

To find the right option, choose a program that is highly customizable. If your business is just starting out, it may not be necessary to have advanced features like employee time tracking software or online benefits management, but you should at least have the option to add it when the time is right.

You should also think of your HR software as an asset when it comes to finding future talent. A program that can create detailed profiles of each of your employees can give you insight into what makes your top performers stand out. Look for options such as online performance reviews, absence logs, and employee job tracking. This will give you an extra boost when it comes to creating the team that will make your business a success.  

  1. Who is There to Help?

While there is no shortage of HR software companies, they are not equal when it comes to customer service. The company you choose should have experts available on hand any time you need them. Whether it’s troubleshooting basic IT issues or answering complex payroll questions, having knowledgeable support can make the difference between costly business delays and business as usual.

If you choose a company that offers managed payroll or managed HR services, make sure you are dealing with qualified representatives on the other end of the phone or computer. The company you are working with should understand the nuances of the payroll and wage laws that govern your area, the policies and goals of your company, and the most up-to-date practices in the world of human resources.

Consider a company which can offer a dedicated HR professional to you. The more one-on-one service you can get for your dollar, the better. Regardless of the program you choose, at the end of the day, it should feel like you are more than a client to your HR software company.

  1. Will Everyone Benefit?

One of the biggest benefits of human resources software is that it reduces the need for a fully-staffed human resources department on site. Instead of hiring an HR professional, payroll expert, and benefits manager to support your company, the ideal software can assist everyone from entry level employees to the CEO.

Accessibility from home, or through iOS or Android Apps, is ideal if you plan on investing in self-service options. It will save you and your management team time if employees can enter their own information or make changes to their payroll deductions or benefits as they see fit.

While this level of independence is important for certain circumstances, be sure to choose a software option that gives you control. Determining which employees can access which features is especially important when it comes to things like benefits management. In this case, you would want the flexibility to create eligibility rules and workflows that make sense for your company, while limiting enrollment options based on individual employee qualifications.

The ability to control who can access what is essential for security and confidentiality too. This protects you, your company, and your employees. Data breaches are serious concerns in today’s business world and they can put your company and your workforce at serious risk.

  1. What Does Everyone Else Say?

Don’t take a company’s claims at face value – spend time looking through HR software reviews. This is where you will get real feedback about all your available options. Current or past clients of a software company will tell you the good, the bad, and the unexpected when it comes to features, reliability, user-friendliness, and customer service.

The goal of an HR software program is to make things easier for your small business while saving time and money. Although budget is probably high on your list of important factors, even higher should be whether you will get what you are paying for. Don’t settle with a human resources software program that is difficult to use, not equipped to serve your company, or one that lacks security. Working with bad human resource management software is costly in more ways than one.

Taking the time to choose the right product for your business is essential. If you stick to those that offer what you need (but allow room for your company to grow), work for everyone in your office, rely on expert knowledge, and come highly recommended, you can’t go wrong.

To check off all those requirements, consider Commonwealth Payroll & HR. Our cloud-based Human Capital Management system iSolved is changing the way small businesses succeed. If you want 100% confidence in your product, a team that understands payroll and human resources, and a partner that thinks of you as more than just a client, call us toll-free at 877-245-1159 today. Let us show you why the company you choose for human resources software matters.

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