HRIS Elements

  • Employee Contacts:  Not just your employee emergency contracts, but tracking for your employee’s dependents and beneficiary’s critical personal info.
  • Certification Tracking:  Track your employee’s certifications, including reimbursement info and expiration alerts.
  • Employee Training/Education/Skills:  Identify employee training, skills and education and use it to determine job assignments, reviews and internal employee development.
  • Disciplinary Actions:  Note employee infractions, disciplinary authority and repercussions for reviews and critical HR recordkeeping.
  • Employee Document Center:  Free yourself of the old manila “employee file” .  Here, all employee documents are stored electronically and individual employee documents can be made available to managers, supervisors and the employee themselves, electronically.
  • OSHA Incident Tracking: Organize and record all critical incident data required for OSHA reporting.
  • Employee Notes:  Record and store miscellaneous employee notes for reporting and later review with detail and follow up notes.

All HRIS Elements can be reported on using iSolved’s Date Range and Custom Reporting Options