iSolved Security Enhancements Keep Your Data Safe

September 23, 2015

Enhanced log in process

When your employees access iSolved from a different location or computer (a new IP address), they will be required to validate their log in, just as they do with other secure websites.  An authorization code will be sent to their email account listed in iSolved.  They will need to get that authorization code and enter it to access iSolved.  iSolved will retain the most recent IP address.


Q:  We have internal servers with different IP addresses.  Will there be an authentication code for each?

A:  This security feature validates the IP address of the user device that connects to our system. Any new IP address will require second factor authentication.


Q:  What about firewalls that trap emails?

A:  If spam filters are in the way to block emails from the system, it will be an issue.  Customers can whitelist the email address.



Q:  What if the user is working out of town, has no access to work email address and can’t get the authorization code?

A:  The authorization code is sent to whatever email is set up on client user.



Q:  Where does the security email come from?

A:  It comes from the service bureau email address.


Q:  Do same security rules apply to mobile apps?

A:  The mobile app is different and this validation does not occur with mobile app.  Using a browser on a mobile device will require the validation process.


Employee notifications

When an employee’s direct deposit account or routing number is changed, they will receive an email (work and personal stored in iSolved) letting them know a change has been made.  This lets them alert the right people in case they did not make a change.

They’ll also receive a notification sent to the previous email address when their email address is changed in iSolved.


If you have additional questions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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