Last Minute Delay for FLSA Overtime

November 23, 2016
Indefinite delay announced in the deadline announced for all employers

Just a week before it was set to go into effect, U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant ruled that the DOL’s plan is unlawful after hearing arguments on November 16.  The judge has indefinitely delayed the implementation of the largest employment movement in over a decade.

Needless to say the timing is unfortunate since many employers dutifully implemented the change or at a minimum communicated the upcoming change to employees.  It will be a difficult change to unravel for those organizations.

For now, businesses are not required to comply on December 1, the intended roll-out date. Employers should note that this is a temporary injunction.   We will keep you updated as more information is available.

If you have questions about this delay or would like advice on how to communicate this delay with your employees, please contact you Customer Service and Support Representative.

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