Managing Your Pre-Employment Process with iSolved

October 8, 2017

The velocity at which a company hires and terminates employees is a key factor in the organization of their pre-employment process. If a company’s growth is slower (a few people per year), they usually don’t need a system to gather resumes, manage the steps in the vetting or interview process, or devise a system in which to test candidates for elimination before taking up valuable management time in employee interviews that go nowhere. When a company is in a rapid growth mode, or employee turnover is high, the human resources team will spend more time and effort managing this process and can benefit from specific tools to help them.

When we refer to a company’s pre-employment process, we describe the cycle that starts with the recruitment of candidates all the way through to hiring and onboarding them into a payroll or Human Capital Management System. In a company with a lower-velocity hiring process, the hiring team will manually write and post ads to job boards and other forms of job advertising. Some companies have ways for employees to respond electronically, through their website or simply by email, and then the hiring team will interview them and make offers – usually on the spot. After negotiating salary, benefits, etc., the employee will finally be ready to be onboarded, which is often a manual process that includes filling out employee tax forms, benefit enrollments and usually signing off on a company handbook.

If a company is only hiring a few people a year, this isn’t too much trouble. If you are considering dozens of candidates for 5-10 positions per month, this process becomes a tremendous burden. What is required is a more organized system with alerts, hiring phase management and automated tools to post job openings, request and approve jobs, and create a centralized database for candidate management. This system then can capture and automate the resume gathering process, and guide the hiring team towards the efficient and speedy process of hiring the right candidates, while not wasting valuable time and resources with the unqualified ones.

Maximize Employee Time

Decision makers tend to be highly paid employees, so their time is costly. Use it wisely by implementing a system that makes it easy to quickly screen and rate job candidates. With iSolved Hire, HR staff and hiring managers can quickly weed out unsuitable candidates and focus in on the viable ones, meaning you’ll only move into the interview phase with applicants who you know are a good fit for your needs.

Simplify Repeat Hiring

Whether you’re hiring multiple people at once or need to hire a steady stream of new staff over a period of time, streamline the way you create and post job openings. Craft the perfect job posting template, then store it in iSolved Hire and quickly access and update it whenever a new hiring need arises. The system also allows you to quickly post a job opening to all the top hiring sites, so you can reach a huge pool of job-seekers without having to navigate each site’s uploading process.

Customize Each Job Posting

Find candidates who have a specific mix of IT certifications or get a sense of an applicant’s problem solving skills by creating customized application questions. Screening for necessary skills and requirements upfront makes it easy to quickly identify qualified candidates and move them to the next step of the hiring process. It also allows you to learn more about applicants than their resumes and cover letters can tell you. You can even use iSolved Hire’s video interviewing feature to connect with remote applicants.

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