Human Capital Management (HCM) used to go by many other names like personnel or human resources. Technology now provides companies with an all in one solution to serve employees when it comes to benefits, time tracking, reporting, and payroll.

Payroll is the hub of your human capital management. Whichever option you choose, we have a solution that’s right for you.


At the entry level, CommPayHR’s Core service provides payroll processing services and employment tax management alongside simple employee self-service tools and compliance solutions.



CommPayHR’s HR & Benefits service gives an employer full HR functionality which includes unique tools around benefit management. This ensures the interaction with employees about their development and benefits is as effective as it can be.

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CommPayHR’s Emerging with Time service includes the most critical HR, Employee Self-Service and compliance components of our solutions and combines them with Payroll and Employee Time Management to create an offering for companies whose headcount and employee management needs are growing.


CommPayHR’s Premium service offers employers a full continuum of tools to manage the employee journey, fully and efficiently, from hire to retire (or termination), and everything in between.

Compare and see which one of our plans best suits your business needs.


Compare Our Plans

Compare and see which one of our plans best suits your business needs. Learn more about each feature and add-on's available to custom fit what you're looking for in a payroll & hr management tool.