Size Matters and Other Payroll Myths

October 17, 2014

Okay, so stop chuckling.  It’s a funny title but it’s true.


We’re talking about businesses here. More specifically, businesses that cater to the needs of employers.

The biggest myth we hear out there is that “No one ever got fired for hiring [One of the National Payroll Providers]”. This is funny because if you sit where we do, you hear regular horror stories about the abuse small businesses take from the call centers and salespeople of the national payroll providers. And even more incredibly, how tolerant the business owners are of it.

The great thing is, we provide solutions to those abuses. But we often have to overcome the discussion that we aren’t as large as [The National Payroll Providers] and the perceived but imaginary insecurity that comes with working with a smaller company.  Ha! My favorite topic indeed.

So that brings me to my point. We are a small business, at least by the standards of bodies like the Department of Labor and the US Chamber of Commerce. And a majority of our clients are also small businesses. That’s important because as a small business we, too, fundamentally understand the needs that our clients have when we talk about payroll processing and the other related services we perform for clients, such as providing an integrated platform for payroll, time, HR and benefits.

Everyone in our business knows how to calculate a check.  We can file quarterlies, make tax deposits and a good majority of us can hang a clock on the wall and start capturing punches. But it is the little things inherent in the delivery of our service that makes a big difference to our clients.  And it’s those little things that the larger companies don’t seem to understand or be capable of.


Why should this be important to you?  Why is this worthy of a blog post when it sounds more like a commercial?

Do you want the person you speak with on a week-by-week basis to know your name and your company by something other than a company ID?

Is it important to you that the person who handles your payroll understands that you only have a two hour window at the start of the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays to talk…and respects that?

When you need a favor, such as pushing a deadline later for cash flow purposes, or paying an employee in a special way, do you want to feel secure in not only making such requests, but knowing they will be granted without an allusion to “Company Policy” and bold-faced indifference?  And then executed properly?

These are requests that often can’t be granted at the national companies, not because your contact there doesn’t want to, but rather because they don’t have the authority to accommodate you.

And its not just the little things, either.

When we enter discussions with a typical client, which for us is an average of 45 employees, they are often shocked to find out that we have capabilities that exceed not only all other companies our size, but that we can often do things with our software that the National companies cannot.

But as a smaller company, we understand that our clients require flexibility, and plenty of guidance reqarding the payroll process. And in the delivery of multiple facets of our service, we know that you will require more support that in the ends will make paying your employees the most efficient it can be. And that’s thats why you work with us.  We are pleased and honored to be given the opportunity to be there for you.

So this fall, as the visits increase from the door-to-door payroll salesmen and women representing the National companies, and you start to ponder the potential for making a change, ask yourself the following question:  “Does Size Really Matter?”.

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