Why Small Businesses Say the Jury’s Still Out on Obamacare

September 30, 2015

Jeff Plakans was quoted in Inc magazine on the topic of the ACA.  Read the full article.


Article excerpt:

Plakans, founder and president of payroll and benefits management company Commonwealth Payroll & HR, in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Commonwealth itself is a small business, with 15 employees.

Among the things that such firms [companies with 100 employees or more] must make determinations about and document, Plakans says, is if they qualify as exempt employers, whether their workers are considered full-time employees, and if so, whether the plans they offer adhere to the cost formulas prescribed by the government.

When the 50 full-time employee mandate goes into effect next year, Plakans says, he expects to see a lot more exasperation from business owners.

“One thing that we are seeing from a lot of employers is that they just want to be rid of this, they don’t want to own the responsibility around it, and they want to hand it off to someone else,” Plakans says.


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