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August 23, 2017

Simply put, there is usually two ways to do things: the way things always have been done, and the way they should be done.  At one time, when these were the same thing, all was well.  But with the intersection of rapid technological change and the never-ending generational march, the now current and future wave of employees are communicating and socializing in ways that were inconceivable twenty years ago.  This has thrust us all into finding ways to not only make our own businesses more efficient, but making the process of hiring, communicating and engaging our employees more ‘on demand’ than ever before.

In no place is this more apparent than in the process of hiring new employees.  Of course, many years ago, once we were offered a job, most of the employee orientation and paperwork such as the completion of the employee W4, I9, handbook review, etc. was handled in person, on paper, on day one of employment.  We refer to this here as ‘Employee Onboarding’.  But today this manual process represents wasted time and wasted opportunity, and speaks volumes to a future employee about their employer and where that employer stands on the technological curve.  In a 2013 study by MIT Sloan Management cite that while 93% of employees feel digital transformation is the right thing for their organization, only 36% of their CEO’s share that vision.

So when we refer to the digital process of ‘Employee Onboarding’, we are referring to eliminating the paper processes and instead all for former ‘paperwork’ to be completed electronically by the employee before day of work begins.  The power of the web, of employee technological comfort, and the tools provided allow for this to become a more efficient process, and allow for the employee to complete the info at their convenience, whether that be at 2am or in the middle of the day.  And the human resources team (or person in charge of hiring) can become more efficient by tracking where each new hire is in the process, while eliminating the need for duplicate data entry and the potential for transposition errors.

Reduce Waste of Time and Resources

Taking your onboarding process online simplifies every element of bringing on a new employee and eliminates the clutter and confusion that stacks of paperwork inevitably cause. The system’s I-9 and E-Verify tools mean that you won’t receive a new hire’s documents until they’re completed to your specifications. And if your organization is committed to an environmental mission, going paperless is any easy way to walk the walk — not to mention, cut office supply costs.

Improve Efficiency

With a central user-friendly system, seasoned employees and new hires alike are always clear about where everyone is in the onboarding process. Eliminate the miscommunications and mistakes that come with distributing paperwork and entering data into your system manually.

Instead of chasing down tax documents and watching the mail for returned forms, employees can put their focus on other work. That means your new employees get to see your core staff operating at their highest level, right from the start.


No matter the needs or size of your company, you can customize Onboarding to suit your specific organization. Not a tech whiz yourself? No problem. The module’s built-in wizard will walk you through the necessary steps to make Onboarding work just the way you need it to. Adjust templates, add or remove elements and establish approval levels that suit your org chart.

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