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Every HR person knows the process of a filling an open position is labor intensive and has a lot of moving parts.  We can help you stay on track while reducing your workload with iSolved Employee Onboarding and iSolved Applicant Tracking solutions.



Bring in new hires easily with iSolved’s Employee Onboarding
  • Seamlessly manage onboarding and compliance documentation from a single platform
  • Avoid bottlenecks with improved efficiency and data consistency
  • Electronic signature feature can be used as a binding agreement
  • Workflow automation enables easy implementation, collection, tracking, and storage of all forms and documents
  • Built-in I-9 and e-verfiy tools automate forms for employees and managers

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5 minute iSolved Hire Demonstration:  An overview of iSolved Hire features and how it integrates with Onboarding.

Streamline Recruiting and Hire Top Talent


Everyone, from your supervisors to human resources, will love the simplicity of iSolved Hire, a cloud-based, applicant-tracking solution for iSolved.

iSolved Hire makes it easy to leverage employee referrals, customize application and interview questions, filter through candidates, and conduct interviews, getting you to the right candidates to fill your positions.

  • Drastically reduce the time spent posting and filling new positions
  • Better manage the entire hiring process
  • Add-on services available, including video interviewing, background checks, and drug screening
  • Create and manage custom questions for applicants
  • Store job description templates
  • Rate candidates to move them through the funnel faster

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Applicant Tracking


iSolved offers an easy-to-use, powerful applicant tracking software for small and medium-sized employers
It’s Safe:
  • Activation measured in hours and days
  • No IT support required
  • Great applicant experience, fully-branded career pages
It’s Smart:
  • Industry leading user adoption rates
  • Works how recruiting works from day 1
  • Intuitive
  • Powerful interactive analytics
It’s Simple:
  • Affordable, flexible pricing and commitment levels
  • Free dedicated support
  • Compliance features provide recruiting insurance
  • Fast and secure
  • cloud-based

When you choose our Applicant Tracking solution, you’ve selected the most modern, fully-featured applicant tracking software available.   Read the full iSolved Applicant Tracking brochure.