Take talent management to the next level with iSolved Perform & Reward

May 2, 2016

For organizations who want to take their talent management to the next level, iSolved is now integrated with Perform & Reward for Small Businesses by SuccessFactors™.

When you implement and cultivate a true pay-for-performance culture, employees at all levels become focused on achievable goals and strive to perform their best. This allows a company to close the execution gap that exists between business strategy and business results in order to maximize results.

  • Goal Management:  When employees have a clear understanding of what is expected and what the rewards are, they can focus on achieving results.
  • In-depth Performance Reviews:  Gather feedback from supervisors, subordinates
    and peers to create a more insightful and comprehensive evaluation.
  • Employee Profiles:  Connect your employees to each other and the company in a detailed and searchable talent database.
  • Detailed Reporting:  Eliminate guesswork and quickly monitor employee performance and progress.

Even with all of these features, Perform and Reward for Small Businesses is surprisingly simple to use.  View the full brochure below or download the PDF version.

iSolved Perform and Reward for Small Businesses_Commonwealth_Page_1

iSolved Perform and Reward for Small Businesses_Commonwealth_Page_2

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