Why Time and Attendance Tracking Can Increase Employee Accountability

October 25, 2018

As every conscious business owner knows, employee accountability is a vital aspect of the business dynamic. If you’ve been wracking your brain for ways to improve this important facet of your organization, it could be as simple as implementing time and attendance tracking in your human resources strategies. Here is why time and attendance tracking can increase employee accountability.

Assurance of Accuracy

We’ve all done it before: you’re supposed to show up at work by 9 and you end up arriving by 9:05, or maybe 9:10. While these attendance infractions may seem small, they can easily stack up. For your employees who are paid hourly, this can add up to hours of work time left uncompleted.

If your employees are still using paper timecards or some other analog system, there is no way to ensure that the reported clock-in time is accurate. You can only rely on the honesty of each employee.

While an employee may be tempted to ignore recording a few moments of tardiness, switching to an online time and attendance tracking is an objective and accurate record of employee attendance. Furthermore, employees that know their time will be recorded accurately are more likely to be prompt than those who know they can circumvent attendance regulations.

If your human resource professional is considering implementing a new software for time and attendance tracking like iSolved, make sure they check out this article on how to make the smartest decision.

Electronic Time Card

As an employee, it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day operations of the workplace.

Sometimes it can be helpful for your supervisors to have a visual representation of how their team’s work hours are spent over a long period of time. When managers can observe visual data that accounts for how their team’s time is spent, it may open their eyes to different parts of their job that may be getting more or less attention than necessary.

As an employer, you can only collect data that you measure. By tracking time and attendance, an employer can choose to measure things such as time spent on individual clients per employee and can advise employees based on that information.

Electronic timecards can increase accountability by helping your employees to be keenly aware of their work, thereby encouraging them to complete tasks with more intentionality.

Mutual Awareness

Depending on the size and scope of your business there may be a sizeable gap between employer and employee interactions.

While an employer’s job description may require that they spend their time away from other employees, human resources software that tracks time and attendance can help bring awareness to both parties in regard to how employees spend their time. This way, an employer can get a glimpse as to how employees spend time and employees are held accountable for their hours, even in an employer’s absence.

Watch this tutorial for information on how employers and employees can both interact with iSolved time and attendance tracking software for optimum workplace efficiency.

Employee accountability can make or break any business and the savvy employer is always looking for ways to improve this quality of their employees. If your current methods of time and attendance tracking don’t encourage accountability, make the necessary switch. Call the payroll and HR experts at Commonwealth Payroll and HR today at (877) 245-1159 to learn how iSolved can support your business.

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