Past Webinars

5 Termination Traps to Avoid
Webinar: Five Termination Traps to Avoid
July 7, 2022

This session was presented on August 18, 2022 Presentation Slides   Is your termination process putting your company at risk? Discover five common mistakes employers make during a termination meeting and how you can avoid them. You’ll get practical tips

Marijuana in the Workplace
Webinar: Cannabis & the Workplace
March 16, 2022

This sesssion was presented on May 19, 2022. Presentation slides   With recreational and medical marijuana use legal in multiple states, employers are often left wondering what restrictions they can, and want, to have in the workplace. Changes in political

Wage & Hour
Webinar: Wage & Hour Done Right
January 18, 2022

This session was recorded on March 17, 2022. Presentation Slides   Classifying employees correctly and then paying them the right way based on that classification can be complicated. When done incorrectly, it can also be very costly for employers. Learn